The Edges of Europe:  A Winter Warmth “Destination of the Year” 2017


France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, we love them all YET they are full of tourist 

buses and crowds. Where can you go in Western Europe and not be part of a hoard of intrusive selfies, bumping back packs and flag furling walking guides? 

Look South, then West. Here is a winter warmth place you probably did not think about until this article and Huffington Posts feature: Portugal is the place to go in 2017.

Portugal boasts over 3000 hours of sunshine annually as the furthest West of land based Europe (minus islands: Iceland and Ireland). Its position makes it warmer than most of Europe and palm trees and semi tropical foliage are common. Thanksgiving in Portugal is our trip this November.

Some things you did not know about Portugal:

It has the oldest borders in Europe and had the oldest kingdom in Europe dating from 1139.

Modern Portugal was isolated until 1974 when its last dictator Salazar was overthrown. The isolation makes the country different in every aspect from its neighbors.

Lisbon is older than Rome with archaeological digs from 1200 BC showing Phoenicians lived there.

Half of the New World once belonged to Portugal and still speaks Portuguese: a mix of Spanish, Arabic and other languages from its 600 years of colonies.

Portuguese tiles are UNESCO HERITAGE ITEMS and no one comes home without at least a small sample.

Architecture is indescribable: cities were built mainly between 1500-1800 when Portugal ruled the seas.

Portugal has wonderful pastries. Monks and nuns starched their habits with egg whites and used the yellows in pastries you still see in Victorian bakeries everywhere.

Source for some of the above facts come from and is a wonderful video of Portugal.

For more information about The Women’s Travel Group and its Portugal for Thanksgiving trip, email us or call us. Shares available if you want to save money or just do not want to be solo in a hotel room. Air arranged. is also at l646 309 5607