Puebla Mexico 2017

Please share this with friends who make these mistakes. I do too on some Women’s Travel Group trips, so don’t fear you are the only one.

Wrong clothes: Americans are used to frigid air conditioning in hotels and restaurants. Overseas, air conditioning is sometimes centrally controlled by the hotel or building.  Some restaurants will be open to the street or plazas. Wardrobe should be light and layered. Invest in some linen shirts and or quick dry synthetics. Cotton can be heavy, hard to dry. Chambray is a lighter more tightly woven cotton, easier to travel with. Blends can stain but are super light. Check out gym clothes which are probably the lightest and quickest to dry.

Wrong shoes: What is comfortable when your feet are rested is NOT so when you are walking distances. Some inexpensive shoes that float on sidewalks are Sketchers. More expensive are Mephistos.  Light socks underneath will help. Cheap socks from H&M will do.

Rain gear: Who wants to carry a raincoat? Instead bring a travel umbrella, assume a thunder storm will soak you knees downwards. Goretex is expensive. There are ultra light rain jackets everywhere made by all the usual suspects. Buy one in a dark color if you are a fashionista. If not, bring a Dollar store hefty bag type cover up.

Hair: Your hair will be messy in the summer. If you use special products, bring them hotel shampoo is not quality stuff. Use it to do your laundry not your hair.   A hat: an old baseball hat will do. If you have one with a special logo like NYFD or Yankees, icons known overseas: think about giving it away once the trip is over. On pouring rain days: cover your hair first with a hotel shower cap.

A final note: since it will be hot, since you will be carrying important things during the day, invest in a pair of pants with pockets and buy a size larger than normal. That way you can stuff a money belt inside the pants, you’ll never feel restricted and air can flow better. As many of our travelers are solo’s, we are especially prudent about safety and our possessions.

Summer trips are almost full at The Women’s Travel Group.  For a last minute spot on Autumn trips: Chile, India, Christmas Danube cruise: 646 309 5607  Phyllis@thewomenstravelgroup.com   PS for Ixtapan Spa, May 28-June 4 ask us separately for clothes suggestions.