• Dont let the tail wag your ff dog

    Women tell us they want to use their ff miles before they decide on a trip. Here are a few ways to use miles without making yourself crazy. Don’t let you ff miles dictate where you go.

    Try using them for upgrades, that is obvious

    Try using them for only part of your trip. If going to Europe, try for a European gateway with a big airport, then buy your internal European ticket separately. You save a bit of $$ that way and at least get the trans-Atlantic part paid by your miles.…

  • Why Women Travelers get More Tired than Men

    Why Women Travelers get More Tired than Men

    IMG_1992So you think you are the only one in your tour group who is tired? No way, if you travel with women, and you are honest, you will find that most women do not sleep well for the first few days of a trip. And you will discover, that even sleep deprived, we inspect every spa, shop and corner of our hotels.

    Why are women more tired?  Firstly, women suffer from insomnia 2-3 times more than men. When it relates to hotels and jet lag, we stress more and worry about fitting in and/or being able to keep up.…

  • Happy Holidays to All Our Friends

    And here is what we wish for all women who travel: memories to broaden our hearts and minds, friends to share them, health to keep us on the road, families that support our wanderlust and a world full of safe and peaceful surprises for 2015 and beyond.

    Happy Holidays and Thank You All Facebook Pals and Fellow Travelers for another wonderful year.

    We are off to Cuba, France, Easter Island and South Africa shortly….join us and make a difference.…

  • European Trips: Make the Second Visit Specal

    European Trips: Make the Second Visit Specal



    Many of The Women’s Travel Group members have traveled extensively in Europe. This year we  offer specialized trips, connecting you with new experiences. Our joint trip with one woman’s organization to The South of France based in Nice March 2015 is an example. This trip is based in Nice, and visits artists’ homes, one of the major modern art museums in the world and still includes Monaco, San Remo Italy for shopping at the low euro, and the famous hill top villages of St.…

  • Private women's trips

    Did you know that The Women’s Travel Group can organize travel for your organization or group of friends? We do this all the time. If you see a trip you adore and want us to replicate it for your group, ask for a quote. An example is The Cote D’Azur, south of France trip for the Transition Network. TTN is a national organization of women over 50 and with them we choose the itinerary. Art,history, food, markets in Nice, Avignon, St Paul de Vence, San Remo-Italy, and Monaco.…

  • Free Luggage Repair

    Just as you think you know it all, a neighbor lets you in on a secret. Many of us are users of Longchamps light and fashionable purses, backpacks and luggage. They come in many colors and shapes. Not a cheap purchase so be aware of that.

    However they have one small problem. With continued use, the tips at the bottom corners can wear away. My neighbor shared with me that Longchamps will repair these tips at NO cost. Caveat: I have not tried to get mine repaired, but this neighbor has.…

  • Gluten Free Diets Overseas

    Gluten Free Diets Overseas













    What country comes to mind regarding major gluten ingestion? Italy of course. Our group of 21 just returned from a thrilling trip around Sicily. Sicily touring in December is off season but our temperatures were mainly 55-70 during the day and only one day of intermittent rain. There were no other tourists which you can see from this photo of the Greco-Roman temple at Segresta, Sicily.

    Several of the women, including our guide, Virginia, were gluten intolerant.…

  • On Line Reviews: How to Tell if Fake?

    The Women’s Travel Group takes on line review seriously. We encourage you to check all our hotels on sites like TripAdvisor.com However a tiny percentage are clearly faked.

    Here are the ways to tell if an on line review is fake:
    Review posted by someone who has no other reviews.
    Fake reviews use more superlatives in descriptions.
    The word ‘I’ is used more than ‘we’.
    Fake hotel reviews do not describe the rooms or the spacial information about the hotel.

    Reviews about expensive hotels are longer than those about cheap hotels.…

  • Airport Neurosis: Female Fears

    Airport Neurosis: Female Fears









    We at The Women’s Travel Group are all familiar with pre-flight anxiety. Not everyone experiences it the same way. For men, the most pressing issue is whether the flight will depart on schedule. For women, the worry is getting to the airport on time—according to a new study. Women are also more nervous about airport security and seat selection.

    I get the security thing with our bling and fashionable shoes setting off the sensors.…

  • Losing your Luggage

    Losing your Luggage











    Yes it finally happened to me and to two other women on our India trip when British Airways had a computer meltdown. The lost luggage stages go like this and with a happy ending:

    +++++Adrenolin rush to get the lost luggage claim and papers filled out correctly while navigating 250 others in the same situation. Don’t forget to take a photo or your luggage tag and any paperwork with your phone.

    +++++Exhaustion follow up: once out of the airport with nothing to your name but a carry on ( this was the one time I did not bring a change of clothes in carry on!!!).…

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