Many of The Women’s Travel Group members have traveled extensively in Europe. This year we¬† offer specialized trips, connecting you with new experiences. Our joint trip with one woman’s organization to The South of France based in Nice March 2015 is an example. This trip is based in Nice, and visits artists’ homes, one of the major modern art museums in the world and still includes Monaco, San Remo Italy for shopping at the low euro, and the famous hill top villages of St. Paul de Vence and Eze.

If you went on a museum trip, you might touch some of these places but you would pay $9,000. You miss out on the fun of glitz in Cannes and Monaco and the views of the Alpes Maritime which will be snow capped in March. We always strive to balance our trips so women enjoy a less restricted trip.

Going off season gives you an opportunity to use ff miles. Email us for suggestions on how to best utilize your remaining miles. And for solo travelers, we supply everyone’s flights you do not feel alone in the sky.

Happy Holidays again to our wonderful group from Phyllis and all the staff who help every day