Women tell us they want to use their ff miles before they decide on a trip. Here are a few ways to use miles without making yourself crazy. Don’t let you ff miles dictate where you go.

Try using them for upgrades, that is obvious

Try using them for only part of your trip. If going to Europe, try for a European gateway with a big airport, then buy your internal European ticket separately. You save a bit of $$ that way and at least get the trans-Atlantic part paid by your miles.

Use them for the airport lounge access. I was just in the Delta lounge, its a wow in JFK. Manicures? Hair styling? Full restaurant meals? Concierge service? Deli: grab and go? Certainly worth pouring in miles you cannot use for a flight.

So don’t fret, ask The Women’s Travel Group for ideas on how to utilize miles even if you need to pay for part of the journey. On upcoming Picasso to Pommes Frites: Art in the South of France, use miles only to get to Paris, London or Amsterdam, then buy the r/t ticket to Nice separately. On Cuba, use miles to get to Miami where we pick up the group for the flight to Havana. Whatever you decide, don’t let ff miles deter you from seeing the places you really hanker for!