• Senior Women:the Outcasts of Travel Media

    Senior Women:the Outcasts of Travel Media

    Face it Ladies, we are outcasts.

    If you read travel press, you learn about soft cashmere travel blankets, fiddly electronic travel apps, and experiences to ‘find yourself’. There are daring itineraries for daredevil women, who wear Italian travel pants, and shoes our foot doctors would never recommend.

    Why does the media ignore the real senior woman traveler

    Here are frank thoughts from The Women’s Travel Group:

    1. Many writers are young or think they are young.
  • The Best Places to Lose Your Luggage

    The Best Places to Lose Your Luggage from The Women’s Travel Group.

    Clothes? Definitely India where cotton is king and where most women’s clothes are full and blousy.  Fabindia will make you wish your stuff will never arrive. https://www.fabindia.com/ The stores are nationwide in India and staff usually speaks English. The only help you might need is choosing from the colors and wools, silks and of course: jewelry. In fact, almost everything you see in Indian markets and shops will tempt you and will be affordable.…

  • Resisting India? Read Here Now

    Resisting India? Read Here Now

    Five Things That Scare You about India and our 2019 Trip

    The old brand of India was poverty and begging. 

    You will get sick.

    Traveling is tough.

    The flight from the US is hard.

    It is just too exotic and strange.

    India Tours
    Imagine standing here with our Group

    And Five Reasons You Should Go in 2019

    Poverty and Begging

    Poverty is on a decline with close to 44 Indians escaping extreme poverty every minute, per the World Poverty Clock. India has been able to lift significant percentage of its population out of poverty but many still live in it.…

  • Bad Mistakes women make when traveling in a heat wave

    Bad Mistakes women make when traveling in a heat wave

    The Mistakes Women Make in Hot Travel Weather from The Women’s Travel Group, small group tours for women.

    travel tips
    Bushmen art in Africa from one of our Africa trips.

    We want to look good so we don’t pull back our hair.

    We wear off drippy makeup.

    We don the wrong clothes, 100% cotton rather than the newer quick dry, super thin fabrics.

    We don’t drink enough water worrying that we will not find suitable bathroom.

    We eat salty snacks for in-between hunger or because they are given on the plane.…

  • Be aware of older women you meet while traveling

    In fact be aware of anyone you meet while traveling.

    I just attended a women’s networking lunch and heard this story. A woman at the lunch recently traveled to Manila alone. She met up with 3 friendly older women, who invited her to join them to a street market. All sounds like fun, huh? Well at lunch they drugged her food, stole her ATM card with pin. Fortunately they took her back to her hotel where she was out for 14 hours.…

  • Can a Clean Freak Travel Happily?

    Five Must Pack Items for Clean Freaks

    Wash Cloth: most people in other countries do not use wash cloths. We, clean freaks, like the roughness of terry in order to feel clean.  A loofah is commonly used is some countries. In Mexico we clean freaks buy natural jute or twine gloves which act as a loofah and last forever. Generally they are around $4-5. Here is one from Amazon made by Thermalabs.

    Super light weight underwear. We like to wash every item asap.…

  • Test Yourself, Ladies: Are You Ready or Your First Solo Trip?

    Test Yourself, Ladies: Are You Ready or Your First Solo Trip?

    Here is a checklist to answer privately and honestly. The Women’s Travel Group has many first timers!

    women solo trip

    Are you ready for the physical part of travel: moving luggage/tolerating plane rides/getting through airport crowds?

    If you live in a rural setting expect street noise and prepare for it with earplugs. Claustrophobic? Get help before you travel. Bad back/legs? Make sure your luggage is light and that you can move it both sideways and dragging.

    Do you have special needs? Diet?

  • Bring a Hobby to your Travels

    Bring a Hobby to your Travels

    Women pursue hobbies and take adult ed classes. Avoid expert-led pricey tours and clone your own. Here we show you how.

    The first step is to ask us about any interest overseas. Example: The Women’s Travel Group was asked about one traveler’s Norwegian roots on our Summer Norway trip. Would we be near the town?

    Second is to see if we hav a speaker on your trip which we often do.

    Mr. Martin Mata eminent Albanian development expert on our Albania trip.

    Third: have a goal: learn?…

  • The  Bargain Gifts for YOU

    The Bargain Gifts for YOU

    Many women who travel with us are obsessed with buying gifts for others, even though we earned the money and earned the gift. Here are some of the best bargains we saw last year. We do not stress shopping in our trips, but there is always some time to forage. Ask us for our Bargaining Tips. www.thewomenstravelgroup.com. We did not include India as shopping in India would take 50 pages more. Our next India trip includes Diwali Festival!

    Mexico: Frida Kahlo designed sneakers and $4 bags, bought at the entrance to the Pyramids where there are endless stalls selling super cheap merchandise you will love.…

  • 6 Dumb Things  Women Pack

    6 Dumb Things Women Pack

    Women overpack, that is a fact. Please share this with friends who overpack or are nervous about what to bring. The Women’s Travel Group, small group tours for women is generous in how much you can bring for our porterage inclusion; however, here are the 6 dumbest items you might pack.

    1. Jewelry of any kind. Packing even fake jewelry is an invitation for theft. Packing jewelry that has large stars on it is an invitation for the TSA to confiscate it as a possible weapon.
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