The Mistakes Women Make in Hot Travel Weather from The Women’s Travel Group, small group tours for women.

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Bushmen art in Africa from one of our Africa trips.

We want to look good so we don’t pull back our hair.

We wear off drippy makeup.

We don the wrong clothes, 100% cotton rather than the newer quick dry, super thin fabrics.

We don’t drink enough water worrying that we will not find suitable bathroom.

We eat salty snacks for in-between hunger or because they are given on the plane.

We don’t pay attention to factors that dehydrate: airplane rides, altitude, high altitude deserts with cool temps.

We are cheap about buying mini bar water.

We are shy about asking whereabouts of a supermarket.

We opt for carbonated drinks believing they are safer than bottled water.

We are too busy enjoying our trip that we do not recognize dehydration when it happens!

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