Though we do not mention it, most of us get indigestion on long flights. On our trips, we serve balanced and delicious food but on the plane, it is every woman for herself.
Counter indigestion with:
–eat before the flight not on it.
–drink lots of water, even ask the attendants to fill up a water bottle so you have it at hand. Too bad for the people who have to move when you need the facilities.
–bring goodies with you: dried fruit, nuts, even quickie oatmeal or cereal ( they always have milk on board).
–airports and executive lounges still offer little that is healthy and salt free. American Airlines my ff choice, only serves cookies, and a salted pretzely mix. There are a few carrots and celery sticks at some hours, but in the main, you get salt, carbs and sugar.

You will definitely feel better if you eat well before the flight and chow down once you land. We have welcome meals on our trips to get you back on the path. PS and we usually pass around goodies while traveling. The habit of women traveling together is to share food.

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