Here are simple tips from The Women’s Travel Group. Practice these to get out of your scaredy-cat zones. (PS, on our trips we have group dining)

They are ranked by EASY and HARD tips

1-EASY Choose a communal table or bar in a casual restaurant.

2-EASY Opt for the 3 course set meal, that way you will stay for the whole experience. Hopefully, there is an indulgent dessert involved.

3-EASY Smartphones make solo dining easier… if you need a diversion toy.

4-EASY A subtle prop is a pink Financial Times newspaper which alerts the restaurant that you might be on a business trip.

5- EASY Instagram is not just for kids. If you are loving your meal, take a picture and share it. Now you are not eating alone!

6-HARDER  Loosen up your tight nervous vocal cords and chat with the staff. Start with a compliment on food or ambiance.  Ask for a recipe.

7-HARDER Focus on the food, not on other diners.

Here is a real story to get you going : 

A woman vacationed alone for a birthday treat. She was nervous and feeling down.  With trepidation, she entered the hotel dining room. She chatted with the maitre d’. She complimented the food to the wait staff and asked questions about the menu. She thanked the maitre d’ on leaving. 

The next day, another guest approached her. I saw you last night, you must be the manager. Everyone knew you.  

Travel Encouragement from The Women’s Travel Group, which offers small group tours for women. Destinations are famous like Paris/Tuscany/England and farther afield: India/The Emirates, Yucatan, and many more Most women come alone; however, we offer group dining on our tours. 646 309 5607

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