Face it Ladies, we are outcasts.

If you read travel press, you learn about soft cashmere travel blankets, fiddly electronic travel apps, and experiences to ‘find yourself’. There are daring itineraries for daredevil women, who wear Italian travel pants, and shoes our foot doctors would never recommend.

Why does the media ignore the real senior woman traveler

Here are frank thoughts from The Women’s Travel Group:

  1. Many writers are young or think they are young.
  2. Photographers do not want real women with faded throw away clothes and frizzy hair. (Though many women leave clothes in poorer countries!)
  3. Writers do not want to cover the reality of our physical requirements: bathroom needs, bad backs or knees, bifocals.
  4. The media loves the theme of spiritual and personal growth. Most older women, especially those who live alone, travel to learn what is outside not inside. They have already ‘grown’.
  5. The media assumes that older women are too serious to include in anecdotes. To put it frankly, we are boring to them.
  6. Finally, many of us have reasons to travel solo which are private, not appropriate to glamor travelers.

This media inattention would not matter except for its repercussions. The travel industry does not recognize us as a market. We are invisible. Invisible? Ask a few private bankers who see our net worth, if we are invisible.

We invite you to join real women in real clothes for real experiences and real conversations. If you bring a cashmere blanket, I will steal it when you are not looking. For information and to join our exciting trips: Https://www.thewomenstravelgroup.com/tours/ Phyllisnycity@gmail.com 646 309 607

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