International Women’s Day and Women’s Travel Rights 

from       The Women’s Travel Group

When traveling do you feel invisible? 

Sense being ignored by the maitre d’ while business folks are welcomed?

If so, you are an invisible probably retired woman traveler.

Don’t get mad, get firm. 

Don’t shout. 

Learn to repeat.

Complain to the right person.

Hotel reception is poor? Get the card of the assistant or general manager. Are talking to is the person on the card. (That will be rare). The card is a prop to silence you.

Don’t settle for ‘tomorrow’. As an example, if your room is unsatisfactory wait until you get a new one.

Repeat and be brief: my room smells; please find me a new room. No whining, no shouting, no diversion from “My room smells, please find me a new room”.

Don’t accept the first offer – it might be something like: a complimentary glass of wine. Pause before you answer.  Say Thank you for the wine I will enjoy it later; however my room smells and I want a new room.

If possible stay there. You might be asked to move, so linger nearby.

Keep eyes on the hotel reception, you might glimpse the manager on the card. 

Address him/her by name and ask for a brief chat in front of other guests.

Preplanned assertive behavior might help with travel disappointments.

You might feel invisible but your credit card is the same laminated resin as that of the Chairman of Visible.

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