Here is a checklist to answer privately and honestly. The Women’s Travel Group has many first timers!

women solo trip

Are you ready for the physical part of travel: moving luggage/tolerating plane rides/getting through airport crowds?

If you live in a rural setting expect street noise and prepare for it with earplugs. Claustrophobic? Get help before you travel. Bad back/legs? Make sure your luggage is light and that you can move it both sideways and dragging.

Do you have special needs? Diet? Fears? Shyness? Bathroom needs? Poor sleeping habits? 

Diet needs should be discussed with your tour operator; bring some snacks for off hours. Need a bathroom frequently; ask about timing of tours and rest stops. Drink most of your needed water at night. Fears like escalators? Talk through the itinerary day by day with your agent. Bad sleeper? Know your ability to function with documents/money/landmarks etc. when tired.

Do you know how to budget for one?

Take your itinerary, add up meals not included, multiply them by the average cost you find on line and add 20% to be safe. Follow tipping guidelines from your documents. Do not feel you need to tip extra if a porter or waiter has been taken care of from the tipping sheet.  Learn ATM overseas protocols.

Afraid to be alone in a hotel/bar/restaurant?

Spend a day on the town. Go to a movie alone, add a solo lunch. Have a glass of wine in a neighborhood bar.

You might not have stayed in a hotel solo, so, ask your guide to put you next to someone else in the group.  

Still not sure you are ready? 

Here are travel ideas to soothe your nerves. Pay for a phone package so you can call home. Buy a hard of hearing alarm clock so you don’t oversleep. Bring extra suitcase locks if you are a worrier. Put the guide’s cell number or another guest’s number in your phone so you can connect if you feel lost. Learn to love maps, and always get the free ones offered at many hotels.

Remind yourself that no one is looking at you and thinking: what a dummy!

Please call us with any worries or concerns. All of us have taken our first trip. Join a friendly group at The Women’s Travel Group and you’ll soon be onto your second trip.