Five Must Pack Items for Clean Freaks

Wash Cloth: most people in other countries do not use wash cloths. We, clean freaks, like the roughness of terry in order to feel clean.  A loofah is commonly used is some countries. In Mexico we clean freaks buy natural jute or twine gloves which act as a loofah and last forever. Generally they are around $4-5. Here is one from Amazon made by Thermalabs.

Super light weight underwear. We like to wash every item asap. I like Karen Neuburger microfiber 4 pack undies. They dry in no time at all. Found them at Costco and at Amazon in weird colors.  A 4 pack on Amazon today is $8.39.  At that price who cares that one is emerald green.

Hotel shampoo can be used as a detergent on most clothes. It is a grease remover and even us clean freaks are happy with the results.

Tiny bottle of hand sanitizer is a must. The tiny bottles that come with a plastic strap to attach to your backpack or bag are convenient. Remember, close the bottle tightly; these liquids have alcohol and can discolor certain fabrics. Some blogs say you can use hand sanitizer to remove ink spots; again be careful about certain fabrics.

A final must for clean freaks is our own bandaids. In some countries, bandaids come in a long roll. The pharmacist cuts the long strip when you buy bandaids. This means the bandaid is not 100% sanitary. Toss a few into your cosmetic kit just in case.

You can be a clean freak and still travel everywhere comfortably.

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