We usually write about group travel since that is what The Women’s Travel Group offers so successfully. So who should NOT join a group?

Chronically unpunctual people. You know them: you lie to them about meeting times. If you fit this mold, tell us.  You should taxi to our next museum or do your own thing- just let us know.

Whiners. No one enjoys¬† women grousing about a delayed flight in front of the magnificent Taj Mahal- India December 2016? If you fit this mold, keep it to yourself. Make new life long friends; don’t make frowns.

Those who pay NO attention to the itinerary then complain about it. If you decide to join a group trip, please read the itinerary before you book. Be aware of the general theme and sights. Want to shop the whole time? Then ask for a private car and driver and do it, but realize that the itinerary said Visit the Great Wall or The Shanghai Museum-China October 2016.

Those intolerant of any race, religion or political belief. Part of a group trip benefit is getting to know and respect women from different backgrounds plus those in other countries like Morocco-December 2016. Women can change the world if we work together in our individual ways.

99.99% of women we meet do not fit these pigeon holes. 99.99% make friends on The Women’s Travel Group trips.

None of us is perfect, so let’s all be aware of our peccadillos and keep them packed away.