New York has an ancient history, ancient by US standards. Each group of people has left its mark here. The Dutch filled land which we now call Alphabet City (Avenue A, B, and C). It is this low lying land that flooded in Hurricane Sandy. They also leveled the hills in Manhattan to make it easier for their horses.

The British gave names: New York after the king’s brother, Broadway (meaning a large street), and so forth. There are many buildings left from British pre-independence times. Some are free like The Old Customs House near Wall Street (now the Smithsonian Museum of American Indians-also free).

Colonial and later history is everywhere and there are 184 historically preserved buildings below 14 Street alone. The Battle of Brooklyn spread its fighting around Manhattan- (watch TURN on television about the Revolution). There is a lot of Hamilton history also and Washington had his headquarters in aptly named Washington Heights.

Look at the historic preservation signs on buildings and you will see where Teddy Roosevelt lived, where Andy Warhol lived, where 18c synagogues were built, where the African cemetery existed, where Lincoln spoke, where Italians, Chinese, Africans, Jews and other waves of immigrants entered the harbor and lived.

Still not convinced to join our merry group for the last spots for the NY trip Oct 12-16? Spend some time in the free sites which we wrote about earlier. Or find your family in the Genealogy Room of the magnificent NY Public Library across the street from our hotel in Bryant Park. This is also where the bowler hat scene from The Thomas Crown Affair was filmed and where in the map room, our military studied European geography during WW2.

Finally speaking of movies, you are almost guaranteed to see movies and tv being filmed on NY’s streets so keep eyes open.   To book the trip and get a shared room to save money, call us now 646 309 5607 or email  The full itinerary and booking form is here: