How much walking do our trips have? Can anyone participate in Argentina or others?

Most trips include some walking, but women should ask the following questions when they eye a trip:

1. How much in length and/or time? A slow walk over a short distance like in a walking tour might be hard on the back also. While we are walking, feel free to ask for a place to sit or a minute if you need to regroup or retie your laces or your brain.

2. Any dark stairs in old museums, hotels, dinner restaurants? A flashlight, even as an application on your smartphone is a good idea for all travels.

3. Will my shoes get wet? This is important if you are only bringing one pair of walking shoes! If the answer is yes, include a large plastic bag in your suitcase. Try to position your shoes upside down hanging from laces for a quick dry.

Argentina: we will have optional walking for us fitter gals, but there will always be an alternative sedentary place.  At Iguazu Falls, there are both gorgeous lookouts and walks. Best of all on our trip, you will not pay the $100 Brazilian visa fee.

Argentina August 8-20 2013  Prices and Itinerary here.