• What Phyllis Learned on Vacation

    Just returned from my personal vacation, and here is what I learned:

    The world is still traveling. And tourist sites are full of happy, unworried travelers. Airports are as busy, flights fairly full. Families smiling and excited about their vacations.

    You will notice that immigration is slower and more thorough on both ends. There is the obvious, customs employees are also on family vacations. There is the newsworthy, they are being careful and methodical. There is the season, summer is peak which is why our group trips are mainly off season.…

  • Falling Down 15 Stairs

    Yesterday we  read about the awful attack in Istanbul. Shocking videos made even my stalwart travel spine shiver. My heart went out to those injured and families of those killed. Then I remembered how, in a moment of stupidity, I fell down 15 steep stairs, collapsing at the bottom with a flying iPad. Wondering if I was crippled for life. Why connect the two?

    Reading about terrorism and being personally affected by it are very different animals. The statistics of being part of a terrorist event are miniscule, yet television metaphorically covers us with blood.…

  • Travel Bullying

    Facebook comments about solo Holiday Travel. We are especially touched by hospice nurse, Ms. Baha, reminding us life is short. So why are we women travelers allow bulling by others?

    Single women travelers secretly feel we are losers. I know the feeling myself. You look at brochures and see happy couples or groups of friends? You call friends, try to get them to join you, get rejected and find yourself rereading your guidebook.

    Single travelers worry they will alone.  Most of the women who travel with us or other women’s  groups are coming alone but find instant travel companions.…

  • Facebook Criticism re: Womens Thanksgiving Trip

    Yesterday we stated that going away for Thanksgiving was good for those of us with no family or uncomfortable  holiday memories. Facebook comments were: You should be with your family. We should not write that some families can be nasty.

    The reality is many women of our age do NOT have family.  That we want to escape the sad memory of lost husbands and friends during Holidays.  Many feel they are a third wheel each year in a friend’s home.

    Lets celebrate in whatever fashion is right for each of us.…

  • Why vacation over Thanksgiving?

    The Women’s Travel Group offers both Christmas and Thanksgiving vacations. This year, 2016 we are going to the magnificent Amalfi Coast and Rome for Thanksgiving and Morocco for Christmas.

    Thanksgiving evokes memories of warm families and of nasty families, of lost ones and of distant ones. Being geographically away from your life eases the good and bad memories.

    For many of us, Thanksgiving is the beginning of a string of memories which culminate on Dec 31. Going away cuts that string and opens your mind and heart to new adventures which have no blemishes.…

  • How to assess danger in travel

    How to assess danger in travel


    Our group of 19 women returned from Istanbul 3 days ago- see photo at left. The Women’s Travel Group looks at the US, UK and Canadian State Department notices for ongoing news. There had been an incident in Ankara; 1 or 2 women called nervously. What has now happened in Paris is sad and ironic for those who worried about Turkey! We found Istanbul not only safe but so welcoming to us as women and Americans.

    After problems, security is tightest combined with the local population being on alert.…

  • Can You Travel if You are Overweight?

    Since most American women are larger today, the issue of travel and overweight is important. Specifically, can you travel and be comfortable if you are very overweight? Some tips from The Women’s Travel Group:

    Here are the Yes’s and No’s:

    Can you fit into the seat?  United, for instance, will require you to purchase a second seat if they determine you need it. If you buy 2 seats together, you should buy them at the same time. If you do this at check-in, you will pay whatever fare is then available and might have to fly on another flight if 2 adjacent seats are not free.…

  • 'Last Minute' Travel Woes

    There are everyday issues which delay travel decisions. There are psychological ones which push us into last minute crushes. Everyday is obvious: house sold, lawsuit settled, health better, stock market up or boss had a good hair day.

    But why do some women put off the decision to travel until the last second, pay more and fret longer?


    Scared because of newspaper headlines?  We recover from headlines  quickly as soon as the next global crisis or celebrity news hits. Who was talking about anything other than the Pope for days ?…

  • Losing Weight in Paris

    Euros stay low please

    Why is it that the French are thinner than Americans, but enjoy wine, cheese, butter, bread? (In case you did not know, I was was a Vice President at a major French bank for 2 years and on many occasions ate with my colleagues. Yes they also dieted, but they eat differently from us).

    If you plan to join us to Paris for The Holidays, here is why you will return home thinner and not hungry:

    French food is richer making a smaller portion satisfying.…

  • A Christmas Paris for non Catholics?

    A Christmas Paris for non Catholics?

    Certain countries are ideal for singles at Christmas; others, lonely. London for instance has a 2-4 day quiet time when Christmas/Boxing Day/Weekends fall together. Paris, on the other hand, is sparklingly alive. Below is only some of what we will do, in our Women’s Travel Group tour to Paris for Christmas. Come Solo. Don’t mope at home

    Paris has the most glorious Christmas trees in both stores and public spaces, 19c carousels, skating rinks, and lighted icons like the Eiffel tower and The Louvre.Stop…

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