Yesterday we  read about the awful attack in Istanbul. Shocking videos made even my stalwart travel spine shiver. My heart went out to those injured and families of those killed. Then I remembered how, in a moment of stupidity, I fell down 15 steep stairs, collapsing at the bottom with a flying iPad. Wondering if I was crippled for life. Why connect the two?

Reading about terrorism and being personally affected by it are very different animals. The statistics of being part of a terrorist event are miniscule, yet television metaphorically covers us with blood. Falling down 15 stairs is not unrealistic, and not uncommon. Yet when I tell you that I fell down 15 stairs, it doesn’t really bother most of you.

Obviously take precautions when you travel; drive carefully to the airport and don’t eat street food. Serious advice: after an incident, security gets even tighter and fellow passengers add more surveillance. The Women’s Travel Group did safely and happily visit Istanbul last November.  Our insurer, TravelInsured whose actuaries quantify danger, continues to insure us there.

But after you fall down 15 stairs, you just thank your lucky stars that you are not crippled for life. Accidents do happen at home and they are never TV headlines.

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