Our group of 19 women returned from Istanbul 3 days ago- see photo at left. The Women’s Travel Group looks at the US, UK and Canadian State Department notices for ongoing news. There had been an incident in Ankara; 1 or 2 women called nervously. What has now happened in Paris is sad and ironic for those who worried about Turkey! We found Istanbul not only safe but so welcoming to us as women and Americans.

After problems, security is tightest combined with the local population being on alert. People become friendlier with humanity connecting tourists and locals. I can think of a time years ago when two of us inadvertently walked into a demonstration in Bogota.  We were ushered into a private home by locals who then walked us back to our hotel- apologizing for their police.

The danger is statistical; we discussed this at great length in Istanbul. One person dies young, another is hit by a car, a third is born with a weak heart. The odds are always stacked against someone or someplace; they are no greater now in Paris than in New York, where more people are hit by cars than ever. (me included). We welcome tighter security; seeing police on the street should not frighten us, but reassure us.

Some thoughts from The Women’s Travel Group.