Facebook comments about solo Holiday Travel. We are especially touched by hospice nurse, Ms. Baha, reminding us life is short. So why are we women travelers allow bulling by others?

Single women travelers secretly feel we are losers. I know the feeling myself. You look at brochures and see happy couples or groups of friends? You call friends, try to get them to join you, get rejected and find yourself rereading your guidebook.

Single travelers worry they will alone.  Most of the women who travel with us or other women’s  groups are coming alone but find instant travel companions. Casual travel friends are valuable; you are not alone but you also are not committed except for the trip.

Single travelers feel vulnerable.  What happens if this or that occurs?  We cannot speak about other groups but our women bring a safety net. We’ve seen total strangers jump in to help, lend clothes, money, or an arm to lean on or ear to listen.

We might shortly have a woman president; so isn’t  time for us to ‘man’ up and travel when we want and with whom we want. Even on Thanksgiving and Christmas?

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