Just returned from my personal vacation, and here is what I learned:

The world is still traveling. And tourist sites are full of happy, unworried travelers. Airports are as busy, flights fairly full. Families smiling and excited about their vacations.

You will notice that immigration is slower and more thorough on both ends. There is the obvious, customs employees are also on family vacations. There is the newsworthy, they are being careful and methodical. There is the season, summer is peak which is why our group trips are mainly off season. There is the new stuff: Britain moving out of the EU, US moving into our political convention period, and weather very unpredictable.

Some rules to make your travels easy:

Join Global Priority, $99 for 5 years of fast track immigration. We squander $20 a year, don’t we?

Travel 2016- 2017, the Euro, Mexican Peso, and Pound are sooooo low. A formerly $50 goodie for yourself is probably on sale and probably $20 now. Low exchange rates  mean lower taxes on international airlines ticket since one half of each ticket taxes is in another currency.

Enjoy the many price fixed lunches and dinners, spurred by the worry of a recession in Europe and elsewhere. Try Yelp overseas. Our trips include most meals, but even for an airport meal, use a review site.

Cheap does not mean lousy.  I drank a nice bottle of wine from the supermarket, $5. Many museums have excellent food, and with warmer weather, they are putting tables and chairs outside for picnic’ers.

Casual clothes everywhere. Wear those awful sneakers again. Relax and enjoy the beauty of travel. Leave the headlines for your worrywart friends.

Join us for a guaranteed small group Rome, Naples, Amalfi Coast for Thanksgiving. India for your Christmas Shopping. Merida/Yucatan for fabulous food and Mayan Mystery. And Morocco for Christmas/New Years.   Some trips have limited space left.

Always feel free to call us for a chat. 646 309 5607. Email us even when we are on vacation; we answer promptly since you deserve that service.

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