The Women’s Travel Group offers both Christmas and Thanksgiving vacations. This year, 2016 we are going to the magnificent Amalfi Coast and Rome for Thanksgiving and Morocco for Christmas.

Thanksgiving evokes memories of warm families and of nasty families, of lost ones and of distant ones. Being geographically away from your life eases the good and bad memories.

For many of us, Thanksgiving is the beginning of a string of memories which culminate on Dec 31. Going away cuts that string and opens your mind and heart to new adventures which have no blemishes.

Off season, November for instance, allows us to visit places without crowds and without night time reliance on elusive air European air conditioning.

Replace the tinsel of shopping malls with the azure of The Mediterranean. And the heft of shopping bags with the beauty of the Colosseum.

Lower airfares and discounted trip cost: flights to Rome have no surge pricing; Thanksgiving is not a national holiday/black out date in Italy.

We were happy to be able to reduce our trip substantially:

Join us to Rome, Naples and The Amalfi Coast Nov 18-25

$2799 land. Let us help you book your airfare or give you hints on how to get a ff ticket.

For more information: Call Phyllis 646-309-5607 or email her: