Our Travel Insurer, Travel Insured Corp. sends out a newsletter which The Women’s Travel Group Office finds useful in a practical way. After all, they pay when practical things go wrong!

Here are some good tips:

—–Carry disinfecting wipes to clean items like airplane trays,  hotel TV remotes, and your and public phones.
—-Get enough sleep to help your body stay healthy. Try to have a somewhat regular sleep schedule, if there are time zone changes. Use a white noise app if you have a hard time falling asleep.
Avoid technology during the hour before sleep. There is a blue light emitted from screens, known to keep the brain alert, making it harder to fall asleep. Don’t check your phone, watch TV, or look through photos on your camera – they all emit the blue light!
If  working while traveling, don’t sit the whole time. Stand up, walk around, and stretch your legs. If you need to get exercise during the trip, you can go to the hotel gym (or pay a fee at a local gym).
Don’t use vacations as an excuse to eat differently.  Stock up on healthy snacks (fruits, veggies, nuts, etc.) so you don’t have to eat junk.
Consider purchasing a travel protection plan through The Women’s Travel Group. We have seen it pay up for a number of women in the past years.

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