New TSA Regulations and Old Ones You Forgot

TSA is always refining their rules; adding new ones, or changing old ones. Recently TSA stopped allowing powder in carry on luggage. Any passenger on an international flight bound for the US who is carrying 12 ounces or more of powder cosmetics or talcum powder, dried spices, or protein mix must now place it in checked luggage,  If you do carry more than 12 oz. TSA will likely toss your powder, delay your movements and search you more thoroughly.

TSA announcements are usually made on line; but if you don’t stay in touch with travel news, you might not be aware of changes. We at The Women’s Travel Group found other changes over the last few years:

One is that agents might ask more questions about why you are traveling, what you do for a job, that kind of personal information is also used for screening. Another is they might ask for a picture of your reservation in your phone or on a paper. Be prepared. TSA has requested, that we present less cluttered carry on bags so items do not obscure each other. Cluttered bags can delay your inspection.

If you are carrying many electronic devices, have them on top so you can easily find them in order to place them in a separate bin. Other travelers can be impatient, even push you aside, if you are digging around for a phone in the bottom of your bag.

Of course keep an eye on your stuff, it might arrive on the other side of the electronic poles before you do. To avoid that happening, be ready to get searched. Don’t wear an underwire bra or heavy jewelry, even if real. Empty your pockets, avoid heavy boots.  If you need to be searched individually, again this will delay you while your carry on waits away from your sight.

Here is a new TSA announcement.

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