Are you afraid to take your first trip with our group or anyone else? Many women admit yes.  Women of our age have surmounted  first steps and survived, often with a terrific high and new self importance.

First day of school?  I was 5 and it was first grade in a New York public school: Public School 9.   I recall the teacher clearly: a nice middle aged Mrs. Levine with a soft voice and tricks to get us engaged. A was apple and we ate it. B was butter and we made it from cream. The first day was very scary and this writer will admit she had to change underwear when she got home. School became thrilling and learning to read and making first friends were the best rewards.

First trip away from home at overnight camp? Due to polio epidemic in cities, many children were sent to upstate New York or elsewhere for  pretty rudimentary summer camps: more outward bound than ‘camp’.  We cried leaving our parents for the big Greyhound bus.  We were clueless about  taking care of ourselves.  We came back with stories of frogs, picking carrots, making camp fires, sleeping in tents, eating s’mores, and living with dirt- lots of dirt. We survived and many city kids learned to love and respect the outdoors craving camp the next year.

First time driving? Thrilling but scary with that enormous metal machine under our control. And most of us learned on a big car pre-compact days. There was a lot of abrupt braking with jerked necks and even a few close calls. Driving became a first route to real independence. We went from nervous to powerful.  We survived and learned to love the road and yes fast food- new in our lifetime.

First marriage? Many of us have been married or been in relationships more than once. Entering a new chapter was terrifying and exciting at the same time. Committing to a lifetime partnership was probably our biggest step in adulthood. Some were lucky and it worked; some not so lucky. We all angst’ed over our weight and appearance. But we survived and learned while we cried and evolved. We learned to walk into a party alone!

First day at work? Everyone seemed so much older and more experienced. They dressed the part and spoke the office language. How could we ever fit into this higher class of professionals? Would we dare talk to the boss?  We learned our jobs, many moved up the ladder. Others had the guts to say: I want to stay home with my children. What better sense of accomplishment than our first promotion or realizing pure satisfaction in motherhood.

So what is difficult about taking a first trip? It is a shorter and more cavalier commitment than school or marriage. Definitely less dangerous than driving. Certainly less dirty than camp. And it is near impossible to look or act unprofessional. So sit back, go over your life. Remember other firsts then say to yourself:

Bon Voyage.

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