Five Steps to Get Through Delays and Cancellations

Some of us do not use travel agents or our agents are not available at the moment of crisis!

1. Immediately call your travel insurer and ask verbal permission to change flights. Often if a flight is cancelled or delayed, they will give you this verbal permission even if the price is high.
2. Know which number is the 24/7 number of your agent or tour company. Often when the glitch happens, we realize we have not jotted down this important number! Keep it  with your passport and ticket. It might be different from the general switchboard of your contact.
3. Same with the local numbers of any airline preferred status, an 800 number will do you no good overseas. You need to have a local number at hand.
4. Check other routings and stand by for flights that might not be direct but might have a connection to your destinations. Usually with cancelled flights and a long long line, you will do better to walk to try to get on a different plane with a ticket that connects to your destination. This might involve calling the airline and walking at the same time. Multi tasking is our forte, ladies.
5. Anticipate weather and be ready with names and numbers of taxi companies etc to get you to a different airport or terminal or to the ship if you miss your transfer.

If you travel with The Women’s Travel Group, we do have a 24/7 number with a human being on the other end to help you. Join our Vietnam and Cambodia Culinary Adventure March 23-April 6.