The other day we wrote about traveling for the first time after losing a partner.The response was 2500 looks, likes and referrals. WOW  Here is that post if you still wish to refer to friends:

The response made us think deeply about other very personal reasons women refrain from traveling even in a supportive group like ours: The Women’s Travel Group.

You are very overweight and self conscious. How many times can we say: No one cares! All we all want from travel companions is punctuality and a smile.

Need to use a bathroom frequently. We hear this when women ask of we stop our bus often enough. Answer: yes. In some countries it is harder to find a bathroom that suits our Western standards. Guides do know bathroom geography well. Parveen in our Colors of India  November 2015 tells everyone that the stop is a happy one or an unhappy one. Even the unhappy are better than you might think. WE STILL HAVE SPACE ON COLORS OF INDIA AND $200 OFF UNTIL JULY 31

You had a breast removed and don’t want to share a room but need to save money. We are all women and who doesn’t have a friend who lost a breast?

A colostomy bag is in place. You do not have to stay home if this is a permanent part of your health situation. Women have traveled with us with colostomy bags and instructions from their doctors.

You are taking serious medicine and concerned about replacing it. We found doctors everywhere can substitute a generic or ,as close as needed, for  temporary usage. Bring your prescription in the generic if this is your situation.

Finally and this is the clincher: you are painfully shy and worried about conversation with strangers. On a tour, there is no need to give the keynote speech. You can be as quiet or chatty as you wish.

We hope opening the door to some self conscious issues will help you realize that we are all human, all have special needs and are not sitting in judgement. Travel Tips from The Women’s Travel Group. We have 2-3 spots left on Turkey, Paris for Christmas has some space.