Today Joe Sharkey of The Times discusses the rise in airline taxes. He mentions the cost of jet fuel, almost 50% up since January 2010. Another contributor is the lower dollar: as the dollar drops, taxes in foreign currencies rise. For instance, lets assume that your ticket to London includes a British airport security or construction tax in Pounds. If the dollar falls, and the Pound rises, your taxes will rise and so will the cost of your all in ticket.

Nothing we can do about this except pay it! But most airlines will refund your taxes and fuel surcharges, if you cancel your ticket. Do not forget to ask for this refund. Your credit card should get the refund, but if you pay for a combined tour/land package, you will have to stay on top of this and get the taxes back from your tour operator. (To be fair, this refund can easily slip thru the cracks).

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