• Travel Shopping: Is it a Waste?

    Travel Shopping: Is it a Waste?

    Fun Frida Kahlo Bags

    The women who travel with The Women’s Travel Group want to bring home something tangible. Our tours are full of experiences, sights, talks, and walks; however if there is a shopping experience truly unusual, we include it. We just added the high-quality Sabato Crafts Market to our Mexico City tour.

    What are our favorite ‘worth the time’ recent stops?

    The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul November 2015

    Handmade jewelry or fabrics spread on animal skin in Southern Ethiopia!   March 2016) One spot left

    Florence Central Food Market April 2016 (one room left for 1-2)

    Dilli Haat in Delhi  Annual India tour December 2016,

    Balaaro Market in Sicily December 2014

    Cashmere Markets in Mongolia ( Mongolia is part of our upcoming China trip).…

  • Laughing Through a Travel Woe

    Laughing Through a Travel Woe


    Laughter should be packed in your suitcase and easy to reach. Laughter overlaid a jet-lagged face will open doors, create friendly helpful strangers and probably speed up whatever request you are aiming for.

    Studies suggest that laughter causes blood vessels to dilate and thus increase blood flow and then inflammation.  There are stressful moments in travel that can be assuaged with laughter.

    Bargaining: in some cultures, bargaining can become aggressive if the vendor thinks you are dissing his merchandise. This happened in Turkey a year ago when I questioned the fabric of a scarf.…

  • 5 Tips for Navigating a Street Market

    On some Women’s Travel Group tours we include a street market if it is exciting, local and has good products. Those might be Florence on our Tuscany Cooking/Seeing trip, an organized and both local and tourist market. Or they might b the Sabato market included in our Mexico City trip, the best crafts market in Mexico’s capital. Or finally it might be one of the more upmarket street scenes in Delhi on our India trip.  You will never have either enough time or energy to feel you really ‘did it’.…

  • Dip in Tourism is Brief after Terrorism

    Dip in Tourism is Brief after Terrorism


    I just returned from Istanbul with  The Women’s Travel Group 19 women, and then London for a wedding. In both places, the tenor of life is very different from that in the States. First of all, people are not scared of their shadows, as they are veterans of both world wars in their backyards.  Europeans do not stop traveling with each headline.

    European newspapers reported in Paris, of course. However, front pages still included domestic politics, arts features, climate, etc. TV news was the same: balanced and matter of fact- not hysterical and frenzied.…

  • Mexico City on the Map with a low Peso

    Mexico City on the Map with a low Peso

    Fun Frida Kahlo Bags

    Now is Mexico our new safe haven? Mexico has always been safer than news media wants to paint it. As writers confide quietly, they don’t get headlines by writing positives.  They get headlines with fright and fear. Count the number of times scary words appear on google then count pleasant words, the scary ones have many more millions of mentions.

    We will shortly be going to Mexico City, a global capital that spans pre Colombian times to 21 century art and architecture.…

  • How to assess danger in travel

    How to assess danger in travel


    Our group of 19 women returned from Istanbul 3 days ago- see photo at left. The Women’s Travel Group looks at the US, UK and Canadian State Department notices for ongoing news. There had been an incident in Ankara; 1 or 2 women called nervously. What has now happened in Paris is sad and ironic for those who worried about Turkey! We found Istanbul not only safe but so welcoming to us as women and Americans.

    After problems, security is tightest combined with the local population being on alert.…

  • The 5 Items You Might Forget from Women's Travel Group

    Here are the five items we risk forgetting. I just packed for The Women’s Travel Group Istanbul trip, so these important things are fresh in my mind!

    Photo of everything important that I removed from my wallet. Always clear out your wallet with cards you will not need. Photograph others like AAA which you might need in a pinch?

    An electric plug for the outlets in an airport where yo have a long layover. Say you have 4 hours in Britain and want to recharge your phone, you will need to pack a UK 3 prong square adapter.…

  • Can You Travel if You are Overweight?

    Since most American women are larger today, the issue of travel and overweight is important. Specifically, can you travel and be comfortable if you are very overweight? Some tips from The Women’s Travel Group:

    Here are the Yes’s and No’s:

    Can you fit into the seat?  United, for instance, will require you to purchase a second seat if they determine you need it. If you buy 2 seats together, you should buy them at the same time. If you do this at check-in, you will pay whatever fare is then available and might have to fly on another flight if 2 adjacent seats are not free.…

  • 'Last Minute' Travel Woes

    There are everyday issues which delay travel decisions. There are psychological ones which push us into last minute crushes. Everyday is obvious: house sold, lawsuit settled, health better, stock market up or boss had a good hair day.

    But why do some women put off the decision to travel until the last second, pay more and fret longer?


    Scared because of newspaper headlines?  We recover from headlines  quickly as soon as the next global crisis or celebrity news hits. Who was talking about anything other than the Pope for days ?…

  • Your Worst Travel Companion

    How will you know if a friend will make a good travel companion? For short periods of time we are all on our good behavior.  For a week or two, who knows?

    Five red flags to look for:

    Always sees the empty glass.

    Is opinionated on things they know little about.

    Is inflexible.

    Uses the word ‘I’ all the time.

    Is a great fashionista.

    Going in a group with other women, helps dilute your friend out, but why do we even have these five

    red flags?…

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