How will you know if a friend will make a good travel companion? For short periods of time we are all on our good behavior.  For a week or two, who knows?

Five red flags to look for:

Always sees the empty glass.

Is opinionated on things they know little about.

Is inflexible.

Uses the word ‘I’ all the time.

Is a great fashionista.

Going in a group with other women, helps dilute your friend out, but why do we even have these five

red flags?

Answers: Women who are downers get worse if it rains, there is a plane delay, strike, or any news headlines, no matter how benign.  Opinionated qualities can mean disinterest in what the experts like a guide, concierge or tour escort says which results in your wasting your time and money. Inflexible women should not travel; travel is full of chops and changes out of our control. Using the word ‘I’ means your friend might not have vision beyond what directly effects her, and vision with dreams are parts of loving travel. Finally fashionistas take a long time to get ready, pack too much, and freak each time they check their luggage.

Join a group and wave your own flags in a color rather than bring a red one. The Women’s Travel Group welcomes you to friendly and easy travel. We can add you to Canyon Ranch July 23 and might be able to squeeze you into Ireland super last minute.