I just returned from Istanbul with  The Women’s Travel Group 19 women, and then London for a wedding. In both places, the tenor of life is very different from that in the States. First of all, people are not scared of their shadows, as they are veterans of both world wars in their backyards.  Europeans do not stop traveling with each headline.

European newspapers reported in Paris, of course. However, front pages still included domestic politics, arts features, climate, etc. TV news was the same: balanced and matter of fact- not hysterical and frenzied.

Tourism rebounds after an average of 13 months post terrorism and 24 months post-natural disasters. Tourist numbers revive based on our emotions not on reality: London recovered immediately after bus bombings and Madrid only took a few weeks after a train bombing. Paris flights stopped being canceled after 5 days, bookings might take some months. Israel has had trouble for years and no one I know has canceled her trip there.  Tunisia and Egypt will take much longer.

So are we more comfortable with London for ethnic reasons? And with Madrid the same?  Think about what actually worries you, remember that most accidents happen in your home! Throw out your newspaper’s front page, watch Lifetime or a Do It Yourself Home Show. You will be buying your next international ticket before you can say: bon voyage.

Join us to Mexico City-1-2 spots left, formerly a headline now an Arts article! Or to China, India or Iran-our newest best friend. Thoughts from The Women’s Travel Group.