Laughter should be packed in your suitcase and easy to reach. Laughter overlaid a jet-lagged face will open doors, create friendly helpful strangers and probably speed up whatever request you are aiming for.

Studies suggest that laughter causes blood vessels to dilate and thus increase blood flow and then inflammation.  There are stressful moments in travel that can be assuaged with laughter.

Bargaining: in some cultures, bargaining can become aggressive if the vendor thinks you are dissing his merchandise. This happened in Turkey a year ago when I questioned the fabric of a scarf.

You feel uncomfortable shooing away street beggars. Adorable children are very hard to say NO to, but begging encourages the wrong kind of lifestyle

You really hate your hotel room and want to get past the front desk clerk wall. It is their job and subjectively they can be helpful or not.

Someone you are traveling with is negative about everything? Never criticism someone in their face; a good hearty laugh pretending they are joking can work.

Your new travel friend makes a bad comment about someone on the trip. Same as above.

All of these situations can either create tension or be swept away with a good even semi fake laugh.

Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine. Lord Byron.

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