• Who hates Reading Lists?

    The Women’s Travel Group usually supplies a list of recommended books plus movies filmed in the area we are visiting. This is not school, so why bother?

    Some books like The Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo open up the under belly of a Indian community that the tourist might not notice.  Others celebrate a historic Indian Raj romance that brings history to life: Heat and Dust by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala.

    Some are fictionalized versions of real events: Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghes, set in Ethiopia, and others are straight history: Charles King’s The Black Sea about Turkey.…

  • Mexico City Will Shock You!

    Join us to Mexico City Feb 4-7 2016 and not just for Aztec temples and bargains. Mexico City is a city of startling museums, striking skyscrapers, outdoor gourmet cafes, deluxe shopping malls, built near  14century Aztec ruins. Highly innovative ways to combine old and new exist: like the 19c mansion below serving as base for a soaring office building.

    Here are a few of the unbelievable buildings you will see along with the Frida Kahlo area, and the major Aztec museums and areas:

    We have some space left on Mexico City Feb 4-7 with women either going on to Ixtapan Spa or returning home after the tour.…

  • Worst Airport Behavior

    This past week I was in Atlanta. Totally surprised at how terrific a city Atlanta has become by the way. Amazing food (JCT was one restaurant we loved), even more amazing the skyline with new artsy districts. At the airport returning home, here is what happened:

    There were few empty seats, no room to plug in a phone. 3 seats held backpacks and plastic bags of bakery items, but were otherwise unoccupied for 30+ minutes. One seat was next to the power outlet.…

  • Airlines Ready to Bash Us Again

    Airlines Ready to Bash Us Again







    In the last years airline fuel dropped 24% and fuel surcharges have not dropped 1%. So what is going on here?

    Airlines are profiting from keeping surcharges which were as high as $600 round trip NY-London. Airlines now call these ‘international fees’ but they are the same old fuel surcharges. Airlines are  still nickel and dime-ing us on checked baggage, food, lounge access; they are practically weighing us.

    I have flown American on  Business Class to Mexico City from NY many times.…

  • Airlines and Reduced Carry-On Rules

    Airlines and Reduced Carry-On Rules






    Global airlines are moving towards reducing the size of allowed carry- on. That means your 22 inch bag will no longer be in the overhead rack. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) recommends a smaller bag of 21.5 x 13.5 x 7.5 inches. Not all airlines will concur with the new standard, but here are 5 things you should never pack:

    Money, jewelry (even good junk jewelry), electronics, medicine and your printed trip information. Especially if you are traveling solo.…

  • Who we are: The Women's Travel Group

    Who we are: The Women's Travel Group

    women's travel groups SaltlakeSome of our Facebook friends have not been ‘properly’ introduced to The Women’s Travel Group. Well here goes: Phyllis Stoller founded the Women’s Travel Club in 1992 because she had 5 weeks vacation and her husband had 2. She had been a corporate banker with the time and $ to use the vacation but could not find friends to share it.

    The original Club took off amazingly fast, first with local women who felt the same way but had no way to meet each other.…

  • Happy Holidays from The Women's Travel Group

    Happy Holidays from The Women's Travel Group


    One of the best aspects of our group is its multi-cultural one. On The Women’s Travel Group trips, we get to meet women from different backgrounds, and different geographic areas. We have even had some women from further afield. You might enjoy hearing about some of the women I have had the privilege of traveling with recently:they are every background, every ethnic group, every age:

    Names changed to protect the ‘innocent’.

    xx from Florida turned 80+ in Delhi last year! What a gal.…

  • Back from our Tuscany Cooking Week

    Back from our Tuscany Cooking Week










    Starving post trip, for the pounds were all worth it. Here we are with home made pasta that we kneaded, cooked and ate happily. Some notes on the trip and other small group trips with The Women’s Travel Group:

    There will always be someone to pal with, oddly our group tends to be similar from trip to trip. We are women who love to travel and will not wait for friends. We are sometimes celebrating retirement from work or from other ‘lifetime’ stuff.…

  • Use GGIIMMPP in your hotel room

    Travel tips from The Women’s Travel Group:

    Numero uno is the adapter you left in the bathroom wall. You took the phone but left the adaptor. Numero 2 is your washcloth. You packed it, because most non Americans do not use washclothes. Now it is left hanging in the shower.

    Then your pajamas, not totally your fault but if you leave your night clothes on an unmade bed. they can disappear into the laundry.

    You forgot the amenities for a ‘rainy day’, as you were waiting to see if you could cram more into your suitcase.…

  • 2 Worst Moments on a Trip

    What do you think are the two worst moments on your trip? Here is our experience at The Women’s Travel Group:
    First and Earliest: The luggage carrousel comes around for the last time and your stuff is not on it. 99.99% of all suitcases are delivered within 2 days. Even when BA’s computer crashed and all Heathrow bags were waylaid, our group in India had suitcases within 48 hours. A total loss is an extreme rarity. Today’s news is new suitcases with tracking devices embedded.…

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