Winter Sun Without Getting Burned

Many of us avoid beach holidays but by March, we yearn for sun and warmth. March is the horrible month for women in the North and Mid Atlantic; so we always arrange a few March warm getaways.  In Spring, Sicily and Malta will be ruined by cruise crowds. In Summer, both will be intolerably hot. Go in March with The Women’s Travel Group.

Here is why you should take our Sicily and Malta Trip: it is linked here.

Sicily and Malta

If you love food, history, a movie set scenery AND want an easy trip, this is for you.  You will not come home exhausted. Distances are short but there is something thrilling to see or taste every minute.

Sicily weather is mild as is Malta’s. We include Greek and Roman temples, a newly discovered Roman villa with mosaic scenes of women, hilltop medieval towns, loads of amazing food and wine. We even lunch at a famous olive oil mill where Armani buys its own branded oils. (Oil Mill and Farmhouse, locally called Baglio). The mill is part of the agriturismo movement which combines farms and tourism.

You might catch the sounds of a brass band with Godfather music?  You might see parades with traditionally dressed locals or priests on Saints’ Days.

In March, Sicily is off the tourist track. 

–No crowds from cruise ships

–no waiting for entrances

— Therefore more time to meander in food markets and quaint shops. Want to try a pastry created 1,000 years ago by nuns? Sicily is the place.

Malta is one of the islands loved by Europeans due to its winter weather and WW2 history. The entire population of Malta was rewarded The George Cross by the UK for heroism.

The capital, Valletta looks exactly like a scene from the Crusades. In fact because of its strategic position mid-Med, many crusaders left from Valletta. Malta has 3 UNESCO Heritage sites; go before the rest of the world knows this.

Shopping here is a tad cheaper than in the rest of Europe. English is spoken by everyone. Ending the trip in Malta makes our Sicily adventure the only one like this around.

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