• How does WTravel Group travel?

    How does WTravel Group travel?

    ricks     Some times in a rickshaw? Today a woman asked what vehicles do we use? Easy answer: it depends on the group size and the terrain we are covering. Here are a few examples: Small group, short distances: usually a 15-21 seater bus still with some empty seats. That is what we use in Tuscany and Ireland, a 17 seater for 8 women plus guide and driver. Long distance: almost always a larger bus, with air conditioning, and very comfortable seats.…

  • Five Ways WTGroup Women Helped Eachother

    Five Ways WTGroup Women Helped Eachother







    A Hidden Benefit: How Women Help Each Other in Group Travels with The Women’s Travel Group.

    We thought you would enjoy hearing these five anecdotes:

    India:   When several of us had delayed baggage, others in the group immediately offered: socks, medicine, pj’s, even shoes! We lacked for nothing without even asking. Women are great that way, caretakers even on the road.

    Ixtapan:   One woman needed cash to pay for shopping (the resort is inclusive so no need for extra money there).…

  • Ixtapan Spa Trip: Adding Mexico City?

    To be picked up for Ixtapan Spa, one flies to the modern airport of Mexico City (MEX). Some women in our group took a day to visit this amazing area. Last year for our discounted group trip to Ixtapan Spa, 15 women over-nighted at the Courtyard by Marriott connected to Terminal 1, found each other with the help of one guest, and shared taxis into town.We help you connect which is important if you are a solo traveler and wish to meet other single women traveling to share the trip with.…

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