To be picked up for Ixtapan Spa, one flies to the modern airport of Mexico City (MEX). Some women in our group took a day to visit this amazing area. Last year for our discounted group trip to Ixtapan Spa, 15 women over-nighted at the Courtyard by Marriott connected to Terminal 1, found each other with the help of one guest, and shared taxis into town.We help you connect which is important if you are a solo traveler and wish to meet other single women traveling to share the trip with.

What is there special about this city of 20 million crammed into a valley and often with a reputation of smog and grit?

Mexico City is in the forefront of fantastical architecture and many new art museums. As the economy of oil/gas and manufacturing is boosting Mexico strongly, along with $$ comes culturally significant sites. The Times Travel Section writes: “every building no matter how undistinguished its lineage tries to show itself off.”  Here is a list of new museums to see:

Museo Sourmaya

Museum of Anthropology ( not new but a globally important one)


Campus of the Mexican Autonomous University

The author suggests you include in your visit Trotsky’s house and Coyoacan where Frida and Diego Rivera lived. Here is the link to the whole article: