A Hidden Benefit: How Women Help Each Other in Group Travels with The Women’s Travel Group.

We thought you would enjoy hearing these five anecdotes:

India:   When several of us had delayed baggage, others in the group immediately offered: socks, medicine, pj’s, even shoes! We lacked for nothing without even asking. Women are great that way, caretakers even on the road.

Ixtapan:   One woman needed cash to pay for shopping (the resort is inclusive so no need for extra money there). Several offered her the cash then later walked to the ATM in the town plaza, with her to settle up.

Sicily: Endless comments: do you want to taste my dish? share my wine? walk with me? hold onto to me? (in the day of rain).

Tuscany: One woman had trouble with steep roads in ancient hill towns. We waited for her, made sure she found us, carried her packages, generally made her feel comfortable with her disability.

Canyon Ranch: Truly a sharing experience as one doctor in the May group got the recipe for a skin treatment, shared it with all of us and saved us a bunch of $$$$.

So if you are joining us as a solo traveler, you will not feel alone for more than a few hours. In fact you might feel like a part of a traveling tribe or family. Don’t hesitate, a list of others coming with their flights, and emails/telephone numbers if needed is available.  Travel Tips from The Women’s Travel Group.