ricks     Some times in a rickshaw? Today a woman asked what vehicles do we use? Easy answer: it depends on the group size and the terrain we are covering. Here are a few examples: Small group, short distances: usually a 15-21 seater bus still with some empty seats. That is what we use in Tuscany and Ireland, a 17 seater for 8 women plus guide and driver. Long distance: almost always a larger bus, with air conditioning, and very comfortable seats. This is what we use in India and long overseas trips like Chile/Easter Island.  We have some empty seats for ‘stuff’ collected along the way and for someone who needs more space on a particular day. Once in a while, we do find ourselves in a sizable bus with a small group. And on very rough terrain like driving to Simien National Park in Ethiopia and in the Omo River Valley, we use 4 wheel drives which are most comfortable with 3 plus driver. Some country regulations require specific sized vehicles. Some allow emergency bathrooms and some do not. We do not rotate; our travelers are considerate and do not need bus rules! We do consider hearing issues or car sickness and leave front seats available if necessary. And yes we stop for ’emergencies’ at best available bathrooms. In India Parveen, our guide, calls them: Happy Bathrooms or in emergencies not so Happy. On Canyon Ranch and Ixtapan Spa we are picked up in their company owned modern vans and delivered to each resort. Whatever vehicle we use is always clean, well serviced and to a high standard. Join us and you will not be disappointed.