• Christmas in Paris– Words for "Sale" from The Women's Travel Group

    We are generally not a shopping group but sales/soldes can turn even the most reluctant heads.  As we will be in Paris over Christmas and post Christmas, those coming will enjoy the sales. European stores are different from ours: they only have sales twice a year.  So when you see these words in French, go for it. Here is the link again for the trip, or ask us to mail you the information:

    Soldes (Sales)

    Prix Reduit (Price reduced)

    Reduction (Reduced)

    Super Soldes and Soldes Massifs (Hugh sales)

    Destockage (Getting rid of all merchandise)

    If you wish to save more money, ask about discount cards for tourists; first ask your hotel, then find the Welcome Desk at the larger department stores.…

  • Jet lag and benefits for The Women's Travel Group

    Jet lag and benefits for The Women's Travel Group

    Getting up at 4 each morning after our wonderful Sicily trip has its advantages. Between 4-11 you get every chore done with no interruptions. Better yet, you can converse with new travel friends on email as the rest of the group is probably up also!

    Don’t fight it, it usually takes an hour a day to evaporate. Taking sleeping pills and/or Melatonin might seem to help but the real segue is lots of water, and just go to sleep at 8/9 get your mighty 8 hours and get up when you have to.…

  • Airport Neurosis: Female Fears

    Airport Neurosis: Female Fears









    We at The Women’s Travel Group are all familiar with pre-flight anxiety. Not everyone experiences it the same way. For men, the most pressing issue is whether the flight will depart on schedule. For women, the worry is getting to the airport on time—according to a new study. Women are also more nervous about airport security and seat selection.

    I get the security thing with our bling and fashionable shoes setting off the sensors.…

  • Foreign Travel Deals in a NY Backyard

    The other day, a travel group member and I went to the Indian neighborhood of Queens, a NY Borough.  The area is called Jackson Heights.  We took the rapid 7 Subway fastened our seat belts and exited in ‘Little India’. Along the streets of this neighborhood, we found: gorgeous silks, and silk/cotton clothing,  22 carat jewels and objects, and scarves galore. If you are not able to travel with us to far away places, try your own backyard for an ethnic experience.…

  • Family Pressure and Your Travels

    Three months ago, I fell down the stairs in my old house which has steep painted wooden stairs.  Everyone in my family  warned me about wooden stairs and better “concentrated bannister use”. Did I sell the house? Install an elevator? Stop using the second floor? NO. I forced myself to go up and down repeatedly until there was only a frisson of fear left. My family was concerned but I…

  • Solo Scares on Large Cruise Ships

    Today we have choices of all sizes of ships, from riverboats of 100 guests to cruise ships of 1,000’s. What is best for women who are serious travelers? Why should you avoid the temptation of cheap fares on huge ships?

    Large cruise ships need ports for docking. That means you often arrive far from the actual place you wish to see. For example from its port city, Livorno to Florence, the drive is a minimum of 90 minutes each way. You have to get up very early for the tour than when you arrive in Florence, you find yourself surrounded by cruisers blocking the very things you came to experience. …

  • TSA Troubles with Women

    Yes a 53 year old man in San Francisco Airport’s security area was a fake TSA staff member. He dressed like a TSA employee but had not emblem or official badge. However, he managed to take two female passengers into a private room for a search. He was caught because a female TSA officer remembered that only women can search women in private areas.

    So what is the lesson to learn here? If unsure of someone’s official capacity, first look for writing on their uniform or badge.…

  • Five Travel Habits to Erase Today!

    We all have some irritating habits and there are 5 travelers must get rid of in order to have the best trip.
    1- Second guessing the guide: guides take travelers all the time, truly they know best when it comes to doing their job.

    2-Overpacking and asking others to help: if you must bring your rock collection…. do not expect others in our group to help you carry it

    3-Always being late: we are a pretty punctual group of women, but from time to time we need to chase someone up.…

  • Boo Hoo for Frequent Travelers

    We all thought that PreCheck was for us special people who did not need  as much TSA security at airports.  PreCheck people do not have to take off their shoes, remove laptops or light outer garments. Ha, it is of course it is not going to be free for much longer. Here is the bad news: PreCheck has been marketing us so we get used to preferential treatment.

    Beginning soon, you will be asked to pay for PreCheck or go back to the end of the line.…

  • White Sneakers & Other Travel Do Not's

    We used to say: Do not wear white sneakers as it labels you as an American tourist  not good for bargaining in markets). Now we say: Can you even buy white sneakers anymore? A shopping excursion for new sneakers for our December 2014 Sicily trip and its walking on Greco-Roman ruins, unveils that sneakers today are neon colored, often psychodelic wild. However many are ultra light in ounces, making them easily packable.

    We usually suggest comfy walking shoes, and packing lightly so guess we’ll go with the hot pink Nikes.…

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