Women are skittish about using bathrooms overseas. Frankly speaking, it is harder for us to ‘activate’, right? Our noses never had the ‘locker room experience’, and we are more prone to infections.

The Women’s Travel Group tries to find the cleanest facilities on all our trips. Our guides know where to take us; many will forewarn if the bathroom is an un-preferred situation. In India, our guide uses the terms: happy bathroom or unhappy bathroom. You get it.

Advice on bathrooms i personal, however here is mine: Wear pans or leggings you can roll up to at least your knees. Bring a small roll of toilet paper in a zip lock bag, especially if rougher paper irritates your bottom.You might also need that zip lock bag if there is no where to toss your soiled paper.

Have a light backpack, you can put on the dirty floor or better ask one of our travelers to hold your bag; there might not be a hook. Another benefit for solos traveling in a friendly group.

Purell or other is a must idea rather than washing your hands in local water. Airports might look modern, but use your Purell there also.

Here is the tough part, some women cannot squat due to knee or hip problems. They might have to hold onto dirty walls for support. Then definitely be armed with Purell or its equivalent.  I learned this last tip from real experience: if you drip on yourself, some fabrics will show it more than others: khaki for instance.

Travel tips from The Women’s Travel Group, who very rarely resort to squat toilets but are ‘armed with advice’ for emergency stops when needed. In Colors of India Nov 11-22 with 2 rooms left, our guide knows every toilet in the country! In Paris for The Holidays, don’t be concerned. And in Mexico City February 2016, we know the city well. Call us at 646 309 5607 for questions no matter how silly they might make you feel.