The other day, a travel group member and I went to the Indian neighborhood of Queens, a NY Borough.  The area is called Jackson Heights.  We took the rapid 7 Subway fastened our seat belts and exited in ‘Little India’. Along the streets of this neighborhood, we found: gorgeous silks, and silk/cotton clothing,  22 carat jewels and objects, and scarves galore. If you are not able to travel with us to far away places, try your own backyard for an ethnic experience. We then had a wonderful Indian meal (used for the referral, and shopped for hand made items you rarely see at those low prices. We continued on to the Mexican area next door, and saw much of what we have bought at farmacias near Ixtapan Spa. Homeopathic cures, creams and  organic cosmetics

If you are hankering for a travel experience but shy about it, first try the ethnic neighborhoods in your area.  Go alone or with a friend, and get your feet wet –so to speak. Our next trip to India after this October adventure, will be October 2015. And our next exotic trip is Morocco for Thanksgiving. Join us as a solo traveler or with a friend, The Women’s Travel Group.