• Where is The Women's Travel Club?

    Some history: The Club was founded by Phyllis Stoller in 1992. It grew into a national organization with accolades and awards. In 2006 Phyllis sold the Club to ABC Destinations, a group tour company. The new owners closed all their businesses in October 2012, including our wonderful Women’s Travel Club.

    We reopened as The Women’s Travel Group, same people, same themes with a slight twist. We are now offering longer, more in depth tours with  ‘smart itineraries’. We are the only women’s travel group to identify this new untapped area: college educated women who want to learn as well as have fun and who want a more comprehensive tour about the country and its people.…

  • The Women's Travel Group Fitness on the Road Tips

    Some of these tips are from a ‘Times’ article. Hotel room exercises include:
    lunges, squats, with the use of the hotel iron as an arm weight. Use the chair to stretch your back and waist by twisting and holding onto the opposite sides. The bed makes a good bar for triceps push ups and soft sit ups. Even if you hate exercise, do some stretching in bed after a long flight. The move onto to floor with a towel as a matt, and continue with your stretches.…

  • What We Learned at The New York Times Travel Show

    What We Learned at The New York Times Travel Show

    Women want smarter tours. They told us that free time, shopping with the guide, cooking and hobby type classes are not what they want to pay $$ for in a tour. We learned that many former Women’s Travel Club members miss our type of quality vacation and that the word is spreading.

    We realized that our Yunnan tour was not geographically understood. Yunnan is North of Nepal and West of Burma, fyi. It is minority, tribal and Himalayan China, a trip for the second time visit to China.…

  • A checklist for brochure vocabulary from The Women's Travel Group

    The Women’s Travel Group, a specialty tour operator for women, offers this vocabulary checklist to all women travelers who want a smart trip!

    1. How many days are ‘drive by or city tours‘? Try for the minimum but do not miss city highlights.
    2. Do the tours contain the words: ‘ceremony, lesson, museum and private visit‘? It is a good sign if they do.
    3. The word ‘options‘: many options means you have under budgeted your vacation.…

  • Tips and Trips The Women’s Travel Group

    Tips and Trips The Women’s Travel Group

    fitness travel tips  with The Women's Travel Group
    A group of walkers at Ixtapan Resort

    Travel Tips for Women! We hope to become your tip and trips solutions, a sounding board, and a pathway to stress free exciting group travel for women. Our smart trips for women are only part of what we hope to accomplish. So ask any questions you wish about travel for women or travel tips generally. We do not know all the answers but one of our group will certainly be able to help.

    We base on tips on real experiences and real people.…

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