• Free Luggage Repair

    Just as you think you know it all, a neighbor lets you in on a secret. Many of us are users of Longchamps light and fashionable purses, backpacks and luggage. They come in many colors and shapes. Not a cheap purchase so be aware of that.

    However they have one small problem. With continued use, the tips at the bottom corners can wear away. My neighbor shared with me that Longchamps will repair these tips at NO cost. Caveat: I have not tried to get mine repaired, but this neighbor has.…

  • Age versus Travel?

    Age versus Travel?



    There is one word for this correlation: irrelevant.

    Just back from our India trip with 22 women, all ages.  So who did the best? Not the youngest and not the oldest, but the ones with adequate fitness, a sense of adventure and  the right pace. Don’t let your friends say you are too old to enjoy travel!

    A few mini rules:

    Don’t overload your carry on weight or risk back pain.

    Find the perfect walking shoes and wear them no matter how ugly.…

  • Phyllis Stoller Featured in Select Traveler

    Marketing Women’s Travel

    This article is in part from Select Traveler Magazine
    Women’s travel offers comfort and camaraderie.

    by Marsha Mack Goberish
    Published September 16, 2014
    Women’s travel is a market rarely promoted by bank, alumni and chamber group travel planners. And that’s unfortunate, according to Phyllis Stoller, founder and president of The Women’s Travel Group.

    “Traveling with women is a comfortable way to travel for those 35-year-old women who are financially able,” Stoller said. “Traveling with women is a comfortable way to travel for the 50-year-old woman who has always wanted to do it and is ready to take the plunge.…

  • Wifi or Die

    Wifi is our new lifeline. Way back it was whether our stockings would snag on the plane, then it was bringing your own toilet paper, then air conditioning became the must. Now it is wifi.

    Some hints about wifi

    Turn off your ‘roaming’ to avoid potentially huge charges. You can leave your phone on if you expect a handful of important calls. Most carriers will not charge crazily for a 1-2 minute call. You can also subscribe for a specific time period of calls in another country if you need this service.…

  • Foreign Travel Deals in a NY Backyard

    The other day, a travel group member and I went to the Indian neighborhood of Queens, a NY Borough.  The area is called Jackson Heights.  We took the rapid 7 Subway fastened our seat belts and exited in ‘Little India’. Along the streets of this neighborhood, we found: gorgeous silks, and silk/cotton clothing,  22 carat jewels and objects, and scarves galore. If you are not able to travel with us to far away places, try your own backyard for an ethnic experience.…

  • Healthy Travel While Seasons Change

    For those traveling this Autumn, here are a few tips to save you from colds, wet feet and or sleep deprivation.

    Temperatures change rapidly this season: today it is 65 in New York and Sunday it will be 81- very hot for this time of year. Layering is the answer and sizing is another. Layering is not just about putting one garment on top of another. You also need to consider what sweaters for instance are too tight for undergarments. Same with coats which might pull with too many sweaters beneath the surface. …

  • TSA Troubles with Women

    Yes a 53 year old man in San Francisco Airport’s security area was a fake TSA staff member. He dressed like a TSA employee but had not emblem or official badge. However, he managed to take two female passengers into a private room for a search. He was caught because a female TSA officer remembered that only women can search women in private areas.

    So what is the lesson to learn here? If unsure of someone’s official capacity, first look for writing on their uniform or badge.…

  • What is a non Plastic Visa?

    Since we had this question from some women going to India with us in October,:here is a primer on visas.

    To enter foreign countries, (or for non citizens to enter the US), travelers need a visa. If you look at your passport, you will see pages called Visa Pages. For many countries, US Citizens only need to have their passports stamped when they arrive overseas-that stamp is a visa.For Morocco for Thanksgiving, US citizens get their visa stamp on arrival easily.…

  • Women Do not Treat Themselves to Travel

    Why is it that most women do not treat themselves to travel, but will splurge the same money on clothes? weekly hair? insane shoes? or on their grandchildren????

    It is time to treat yourself and if looking for a special item, try one of the nation’s most famous resorts: Canyon Ranch Health Resort, during the peak week for changing leaves in New England.

    Three decisions you need to make:

    1- Will this kind of trip last longer in changing my lifestyle?…

  • Five Biggest Travel Fears of Women

    Five Biggest Travel Fears of Women

    This article first appeared in The Three Tomatoes Website. Phyllis Stoller of The Women’s Travel Group is their Travel Guru and many readers have gone on The Women’s Travel Group tours.phyllis

    Five Biggest Travel Fears for Women

    The greatest angst situations that women encounter when traveling might not be the first ones you think of. In the 22 years of participating in group travel for women, we have listed from top to bottom, the five biggest “fears”.

    Number One: Fear of being separated from the group because of airline delays or cancellations.…

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