Are You are Ready for Your First Solo Trip?

Answer these questions privately before you start looking into your first trip alone

Then read simple ways to get over each problem:

Are you emotionally ready for the physical part of travel: moving luggage/tolerating plane rides/getting through airport crowds with your head on right? 

If you live in a quiet rural setting expect street noise and prepare for it. Claustrophobic? Get help before you travel. Bad back/legs? Make sure your luggage is light and that you can move it both sideways and by dragging. 

Do you have special needs? Diet? Fears? Bathroom needs? Poor sleeping habits? 

Diet needs should be discussed with your tour operator; special snacks are a must. Need the bathroom all the time: this can be a problem so don’t fool yourself. Time yourself at home and talk to your doctor.  Fears like that of escalators; walk through the itinerary step by step. Bad sleeper? Know your ability to function/concentrate on documents/money/landmarks etc. with and without medical help. 

Will your budget be enough? 

Count up non inclusions, work out individual costs, add 20%. Count up meals you need to pay for and multiply by average costs in that country.  Don’t be shy about saying no if you cannot afford something. Keep enough for tips at the end of the trip. Also for emergencies like a delayed plane ride and long airport stay. 

Are you afraid to be alone in a hotel/bar/restaurant?

Spend a day  on the town. Go to a movie alone, add a solo lunch. Have a glass of wine in a neighborhood bar. You might not stay in a hotel solo beforehand so once there, ask your guide to put you next to someone else in the group.  

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