Video creation is new to most of us. In this post, Phyllis Stoller shares some treasures she brought back from The Women’s Travel Group trips. We are used to our phone cameras; but not to our video production. While at home and isolated, why not learn the art of video making. I am going to walk around my living room as a trial and talk about a few of the souvenirs brought home.

Each one has a memory I wish I had filmed.

Dogon Country West Africa. Picture yourself on a cliff in the Sahara, surrounded by 50 or dancers wearing masks and chanting. You are seated on the ground propped against a small rock. The chief approaches with a stern look directed at you and another lady Jane W. He says (in French), lady you are leaning on the sacred rock. We suppress a giggle but move away from the rock. Now the entertainment continues. The item I am videoing is the 15 ft mask some of the dancers wore. I bought it from a guy on the roadside. It was cracked in half, wrapped in rice sacks and shipping back on Air France with the rest of us. On the same trip; we overnighted in Timbuktu but did not video our experience. Bummer!!!!

This little silver lizard is a product of Emilio Castillo, famous silversmith in Mexico whose products are fine, beautifully created with silver, semi-precious stones and many are animals and lizards. This little fellow sits on my mantle as a memory of the many times I have enjoyed both Mexico City and Ixtapan Resort, our budget spa. He needs occasional polishing and is well worth it. He reminds me of colonial homes and cascading flowers, chocolate, and chili.

This rag is rough to the touch, but hand made for somebody‚Äôs baby to rock in. I bought it in one of the Stans and it says: we are nomads traveling for our livelihood and we rock our babies for the same comfort that you rock yours. Despite its roughness, it says love to me. This piece of kelim brings back a memory of trade routes and Mongols of khans and camels. 

This tea seat is from Hong Kong. A group of us shared the shipping. We were new at overseas purchases and did not realize that we needed to include freight forwarding and unpacking. After a difficult extraction from the docks, and an even harder crate opening, crowbars and all, we had our stuff. Never buy anything big overseas unless you include the freight forwarding and delivery! Live and Learn. A video of Hong Kong would have included the harbor at night or the skittering inhabitants in the crowded back streets.

I hope you enjoyed our very first video and its memories. For more information: or call or email us!