The Women’s Travel Group advises:

Summer trips still have space

The Women’s Travel Group advises:

Medicine you cannot live without. In non English speaking countries, thieves cannot tell if your medicine is simply Tylenol or a narcotic.  

Anything with a brand name even if a fake. Sunglasses should be treated like jewelry.

Electronics, that means you need to recharge when in the room. Use a larger charger for faster re-juicing.

All plastic credit cards, even if no or low value, like a store points card only used in your area.

All jewelry even again fake. 

Any clothing with price tags that will include gifts. These have value as resells or barters. 

Pricey personal products like Sisley or MAC or anything again with an obvious brand. 

Cool travel stuff like a Swiss Card or baseball hat with a fashionable logo.

Travel tips and warnings from The Women’s Travel Group

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