Dinner in Africa


Memorial Weekend is here, and lucky women get to go away. Every year we tend to make the same prep mistakes. Some cost money and some just aggravation. Here are some tips from The Women’s Travel Group.

We take an entire inventory of plastic ccards, even those we do not need at all ie local museum or Big Box store memberships.

Then if we have a problem, we forget to bring the fraud number of each card and cannot cancel them promptly. (800 for in the US and don’t forget local numbers for outside).

We bring $50’s and have to pull out a wad of them for a cold drink on the road or at the airport.

We forget to search for coupons for cabs, services and restaurant specials. (PS just google coupon for xxx company and you are sure to find one).

We don’t know how to use  Blue Tooth on our fancy smart phones, or find free podcasts to listen to while driving or waiting in the departure lounge. For those of you who are not podcast listeners, you load the application called Podcast on your phone, then search for the books and radio programs you like that are FREE.

We don’t bring snacks and get stuck with googey/salty/calorie-loaded fast food.

Finally we don’t bring our own toilet paper for crowded bathrooms.

The Women’s Travel Group has seen it all and done it all. Travel with us and you will find both experienced and new travelers. Ireland and Canyon Ranch MASS. at a huge discount are still available in July.  Paris Early Bird ends June 1, 2015.