This dilemma came up at a meeting of professional women in New York last week. Here are the five main reasons professional women have no travel friends.

We are too busy working to take time to develop close friends.

We use non office time for our families and our health (ie gym classes)

We forget how to talk about non-business topics and/or relax into friendly banter.

We do not belong to the day time activities, non-working counterparts use for networking.

We make last minute vacation decisions to fitĀ  work leaving no time to locate a travel pal.

  • The Women’s Travel Group caters to the professional woman who wants a room share. All tours are group tour for women, making a share a simple business decision. Argentima Tour August 8-16 or extend to 20, 2013 is a perfect last minute vacation. Shares are guaranteed on that trip.
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