July 2017

How can a whole group of women who don’t know each other become friends on a trip? And how does The Women’s Travel Group create friendship? We decided to write about this topic after a conversation yesterday. A caller told us she had gone with another company and it was ‘high school all over’. Women did not bond and she felt left out. This is in contrast to the comment made by a stranger on our AMAWaterways cruise in July 2017 She said: ‘How nice that a group of friends can go on vacation together and have so much fun‘.


You go on a tour for the travel but women want to make friends as part of the trip. How can we assure you that you will fit in and make new travel friends?

First and hard to say: We are self-selective; you get a frank and honest answer to all questions. Our priority is to make you comfortable, before encouraging you to travel. The Women’s Travel Group has helped many to begin traveling again and that is part of our mission.

You want to meet by email or phone beforehand, just ask us. You do get a list of everyone coming anyway and we always have women who want to talk before the trip. Hearing human voices like the good old days helps with nerves.

Meals are arranged so you get to know each other casually.

Speakers on some trips create conversation. Unusual guides can also make us talk. In India, our guide is versed in controversial topics she will share with us. In Chile, we visit a woman who will talk about the Pinochet years. In Sicily, we met an American who lived in Palermo. In S. Africa and Israel, no topic is off the table in our visits.

Itineraries have little ‘free time’  hated and feared intervals for women new to solo travel.

Visits are deliberately controversial with wide-ranging opinions; check out our Israel trip for that feature.

We encourage participation, know of a film or TV show to share? Have a hobby that might connect to our destination? Have a friend who lives there and wants to join us for dinner?

We celebrate with you, on the Rhine cruise, 6 women had Summer birthdays so we had cakes for each of them and little gifts.

Need help? Just ask, we all have a moment when we need a little help.   Call today and ask any question, we bet they were asked before! 646 309 5607  www.thewomenstravelgroup.com   Phyllis@thewomenstravelgroup.com