The Women’s Travel Group is often asked if we can cater to solo travel with women regarding specific religious needs. Here are two of the latest questions:

One solo woman traveler asked if she could go to church in Rabat, Morocco on Christmas Day. We kindly hunted down a historic church for her to attend. Here is what we told her: The Cathedrale St. Pierre is located in Rabat where we will be staying on Christmas Eve.  It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and you could attend Christmas Eve Mass here.

Another solo woman traveler asked about Kosher food for India and travel on the Sabbath. Here is what we told her: Some women in the past have avoided travel on Friday nights and Saturday by going ahead of the group ( if these fall on a departure or arrival day) and doing the Saturday tour on another day. Although our hotels will not serve Kosher food, some women have brought paper goods and compromised by eating vegetarian. A Vegetarian is always an option.

No question is unanswered on this end.

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